Precepts & Mentors is a formidable catalyst to be reckoned with in Human Capital Development, Knowledge Management, Quality Training, Professional Development, Coaching and Mentoring in Nigeria.

We are best known for deploying bespoke sessions which cut across various fields of endeavour in Professional and Business Development. Empowerment is key, hence, we ensure that our participants are fully equipped with all the resources they need for excellence in their careers and businesses.

Precepts & Mentors seeks to help individuals optimize performance, increase their value in their workplaces and make them better resources. We are more concerned about the development of the whole person. We believe that if the individual can be changed, the organization can be improved drastically.




We appeal to the whole essence of man. Our sessions affect the entire being of the human existence vis; The Spiritual (Vision), The Intellectual (Soul) and the Physical (Skill)


We utilize top subject matter experts to deliver peak learning experience. Our facilitators and mentors are dedicated to providing every participant with the most useful and up-to-date information.


Seasoned professionals in their respective fields of endeavour
Accurate subject matter experts
Have a wide range of experience
Have ample work and training exposure
Have a proven track record of successful milestones in their fields of endeavour.
Are willing to be mentors and personal advisers to the participants

Precepts & Mentors makes use of down-to-earth and practical methods in transferring knowledge and experience in the most useful form.

Our specialty is in facilitating mentorship platforms in organisations by equipping them with the best tools to enable cross-fertilisation of knowledge and ideas. Our sessions are highly interactive and engaging as well.

For your training, coaching or mentoring sessions, please call 0802-561-6156 or  0703 268 7697 or send an email to [email protected]

For customized training sessions on Workplace Mentoring, High Performance Leadership and Workplace Attitude, send an email to [email protected], a representative will inform you appropraitely.